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Become a sport pilot and escape to a different world

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, CAFlying a light-sport aircraft takes you to a different dimension with new perspectives.

Experience the joy of sharing this new world with your family and friends.

You may wish to get involved in, or simply attend, some of the great events that take place within the flying community.

Become a sport pilot and expand your horizons

Breezer LSA

Explore new places. Learning to fly LSA frees you to explore the world – The distance? Hey, that’s your decision.




Become a sport pilot and transform yourself

Learning to fly LSA transforms your life. You’re immersed in new sensations while conquering exciting challenges, continuously learning, and building confidence. You perceive yourself differently, as well as, what you know you can accomplish.

Here is a one minute video of “Why Fly Light-Sport Aircraft” which features all the Light-Sport Aircraft – Airplanes, Weight-Shift Control Trikes and Powered Parachutes.

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