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Becoming a sport pilot and learning to fly a light sport aircraft (LSA) is done through individualized instruction, specific to you, so finding the right flight instructor and school is a very important first step.

Visit the flight school

You may choose to call each flight school to discuss your interest in flight training, but it’s also a good idea to visit in person. Call ahead to ensure a flight instructor will be available to speak with you, give you a tour of the facilities, and show you the light-sport aircraft the school uses for training. You can either schedule your introductory flight while you’re there, or first visit other schools and then schedule your flight once you’ve decided on a school. Your introductory flight will include discussion with a flight instructor before the flight and then 30 to 90 minutes of flying.

Travel if necessary

It may be the best value for you to travel to find the school that is best for you so consider this as a viable option. Although it might initially appear to be more trouble or expense, many times it is the best, least cost and most efficient overall.

Finding a flight instructor and school with the Sport Pilot LSA Locator

Before you go up for that first exciting introductory flight be sure to do a thorough evaluation of each instructor and flight school using the Find a Flight Instructor. Asking these questions will show the flight instructor that you have done your homework. Any good flight instructor will be happy to answer these questions.

The process of finding the right flight school and instructor is the same no matter whether you want to learn to fly airplane, weight-shift control trike, or powered parachute LSA. Use the Sport Pilot | LSA Locator to find instructors and flight schools to choose from.

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